Pajama Book Report: Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm

I read the book Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm by Megan McDonald. In my opinion it was a very enjoyable book! I am going to inform you why I think that.

Every book has an exposition or, in other words, an introduction. In the introduction it generally explains or lets you know who the main character is, where they are , and the position or situation they are in.

In Judy Moody it explains that she is the main character she claims to have a lucky penny that, of course, gives her good luck. It also tells you that she is in a restaurant with her family.

Next , we have the rising action. As you can tell from the title this is when the tension starts to rise and you can sort of feel like something  good or bad is going to happen.

I could feel the tension rising when Judy kept getting really fabulous luck I wasn’t expecting some of the things that happened.

The climax is when the most tension is “in the air,” or when the most important part is happening. That would be when Judy’s friend Jessica invited her to go with her to Washington D.C. to watch her pig while she was in a spelling bee. Along with that, a “mini climax” would be when she was watching the pig– it ran off and Judy couldn’t find it.

After the climax is the falling action. That is when everything is starting to settle down and there is not as much tension as there was before.

That would be when Judy found the pig and went back to the hotel room.  As well as when Jessica came back from the spelling bee to tell them her place.

Then. in the end is the resolution this is how it ended up or how thing went for everyone.

In Judy Moody, it turns out that Jessica won the spelling bee, Judy got to see the President of the United States, and it turned out she lost the penny BUT she still had her good luck so it ended up that she didn’t need the penny, she was naturally lucky!

Those are the five parts of a plot and that is the story of Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm!



The world’s first civilizations

There have been many civilizations in the world. The first one was Mesopotamia.

Inside Mesopotamia was the Fertile Crescent, an area where many crops grew, and on some maps looks like a crescent shape! The Fertile Crescent is watered by the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. In the winter the mountains freeze over. Then when the ice melted the water fell into the rivers, and the water would have silt in it. Silt helps fertilize crops, that is why the Fertile Crescent  is so fertile.

Meanwhile, in Mesopotamia a city-state called Akkad was made by a man named Sargon. Eventually it was so strong that it became an empire, the Akkadian Empire! Other empires were the Babylonian Empire who made the code of Hammurabi. The  Assiran Empire who were very aggressive, owned a lot of land, and were known for being such barbarian people. There was a second Babylonian Empire who had a stronger period, they broke power of Israel who were then in captivity and also STAYED in captivity until Persia over through Babylon!

The Mesopotamians had a specific diet they ate: grains or beans, figs and dates,water and and beer,meat, fish, and milk! To make their beer they would use both figs and dates.

The Persians, who defeated the babylonian empire, were “allies” with the Roman Empire or in other words they not constantly at war with each other. The Romans also created road systems and several Legions! Legions were ancient Roman armies that had a great number of people in it. The road systems made life a whole lot easier for travel because then they could have a pathway to where they were going rather than getting lost!     

My Traumatic Day!

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On my second day of homeschool, for me, it was VERY confusing!!!! First of all, in science I had to do a short electromagnetic spectrum project and I could NOT figure out how to do it! I looked all over the page, eventually, I found the correct website.

The next thing I had to do was my quiz prep….. That didn’t go very well. I knew the first questions and then on last one I looked everywhere! Soon, I found out that I knew the question in the first place and  I threw a big tantrum for NO reason. But that was on because I was super duper confused!!

But tomorrow is a new day to learn in my pajamas or whatever I am wearing see you next time!


First year of homeschool: What I expect to achieve, what I’m excited about, & what I’m NOT excited about!

This year I am looking forward to all of the cool things I get to learn! Adding on to that,the projects I get to do. I am very happy that I get to do a lot of things that wouldn’t have even been an option in public school! This year I want to learn how to build specific things, harvest and can food, plus I could be able to learn how to cook.

Later on in this year I will be able to create my own robot!! Yep, thats right a real robot I might even be smart enough to make it talk! I expect to achieve straight A’s, to finish school possibly maybe earlier than others, and to find myself having A LOT of fun!

Now, what I am not looking forward to…..That would be having to do more chores. Since I will be home longer than ever, I WILL be expected to do that.