ice cream truck

Yesterday was the coolest day ever!!

“What happened?” you ask. Well, my family was just watching the Big Bang Theory, and out of nowhere my mom started saying “ice cream truck, ice cream truck, ice cream truck!”

My dad, my brother and I ran out of the house. My brother and I were barefoot. Then my dad told us to hurry up and get on our shoes so, we ran back up the hill and got on our shoes.  My shoes were still in my hands as I ran towards the truck I stopped at the curb, slid on my shoes and kept on going. At that point I had ran so much I felt like throwing up. Very soon, the ice cream truck was the street we were on, it pulled to the curb, and we got our very first ice cream from an ice cream truck.

This was exciting because not only was it our first-ever experience with an ice cream truck, but the owners said they would come every Sunday! We just moved into this house and had never experienced this before.

Looks like our Sundays are going to be pretty sweet!

Don’t you worry there will be more for learning in pajamas!


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