crystal radio project

I have an assignment to write about a crystal radio that I made.

What I liked about this project was testing it out because you never really know if you’re going to hear something. Even though I didn’t hear anything I still enjoyed it because I felt like it was an adventure!

However, as with almost every experience, there is always something you do NOT like! For me, that was when I had to make my tuning coil. The reason why I didn’t like that part was because that was not engaging. I had to stand there and turn and turn and turn 25 coils and then 90 coils, so, I really thought that it was boring!

My radio did not work so we had to troubleshoot. My dad and I did a few things to help, like switching to different areas for ground, putting on a longer antenna to try to get better signal, and we even bought a crystal radio kit. Sadly, nothing we did helped, but we are still working on it and also we plan to to go to a radio station and see if we can get better signal and hopefully we can get some sound!

This project stimulates my desire to learn and do more things with electronics because I am not giving up on making it work so that keeps me wanting to learn more about electronics! Adding on to that fact, we even got a soldering iron and circuit boards so my dad and I can learn how to create a working circuit board!

Get ready for more on learning in pajamas!!

This is the video that we followed to make our first crystal radio:


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