Switched at Birthday

Last week I got this book called: Switched at Birthday. It’s one of the many types of stories similar to Freaky Friday.

On that note, you can assume that it’s about two people who switch bodies and while they try to get back to normal, they find out what they love or like about the person who they switched with. This book is similar,  but these two girls figure out the struggles of each other!

One girl’s name is Lavender. From the name I would think she was the popular one. I was wrong, Lavender is  picked on because she is flocculent, Meaning hairy. She has a small amount of friends because she is made fun of.

The other girls name is Scarlet. She, of course, is the popular one. Scarlet has many friends and makes fun of Lavender. Lavender admires Scarlet and how no matter what Scarlet wears she looks very pretty.

Once they switch bodies they have to do everything that the other girl would so that no one will suspect anything. When Lavender was in Scarlet’s body, Scarlet’s friends would talk about Lavender and how they said she had to go to a dog groomer to get her hair cut. Then Lavender would know that they talk about her. They didn’t know it but this time they said it right to her face. That is really painful to know that they talk like this, about her, all time.

To find out what else happened you can find the book in the link above.

Until next for learning in pajamas


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