The Feudal System and Manorialism

The Feudal System and Manorialism were the class-systems that ranked the people from high to low during the Medieval times!



The Feudal System was set up so that kings were in the highest position. Lords and nobles were higher than everyone, except the king! Next were knights, who were recognized for doing heroic deeds. Today, there are still knights but the title is more ceremonial.

Freeman came next in the Feudal system.  They could go out anywhere but they still had to work in the same places the surfs/slaves did. They had to work for the nobles and lords for money, and then they had to work their own land. Freemen earned their land, but it still had to be given to them by the lords and nobles they work for! The land of which was given by the king to the freemen and surfs was called a “fief.”

Slaves were at the bottom of the class-system. They did not have a choice in their standing, and could not become anything other than a slaves.

The Manorialism was the economic system that the Feudal System was based on. They came up with this because England was practically falling apart.

The intent of these systems was to make the English people more civilized.

What are your thoughts on these class-based systems? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, keep on Learning in Pajamas!!


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