What I did for Halloween!

This Halloween, my grandma came from Colorado to visit my family!

One thing that we did while she was here was crochet work. I’ve been learning how to crochet, but my grandma is much better at it. She taught me a few tricks, and before you know it I made a little change purse! I meant for it to be a blanket, but I messed up! Although, as you can hear, it kind of worked out!

We also had dinner at a small steakhouse, which was great! We really enjoyed our time there because my grandma got to try a food that she had never heard of before…corn nuggets! My dad says that you may not know what that is either, so I’ll tell you: it is balls of deep fried cream-style corn dipped…in ranch dressing!

Next was the most fun even of all…dressing up for Halloween!!! I was dressed up as a hippie. The really cool part was grandma used to be an actual hippie when she was younger! So, she gave me a real hippie necklace and bracelet!

My grandma dressed up as a crazy cat lady and she pinned stuffed cats onto her robe! My dad and brother were bikers, but they looked more like gang members to me! My mom dressed up as the dragon queen in Game of Thrones!

In a flash, we were out trick or treating! We ran into some of our friends which was so cool since we just moved into this house! Eventually, we found a haunted house! Before we started I grabbed my dad’s hand so I would have him just in case there were clowns! There were a few people that would follow you through the house, and they did quite a good job at scaring me while doing it!

Thankfully there was only one fake clown in the house, but it was still creepy!

When we got home, we dumped our candy on the floor. Just like the year before, I sorted my candy into groups, and might I say this neighborhood LOVES Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, because I got like 12 of them! I got a lot of candy altogether! We even got a few trick-or-treaters when we got home! Now I am wondering why nobody told me how much fun it is to hand out candy to others!

To wrap it all up, I had a great Halloween with my family! I hope that my grandma is able to come again next year so she can help us get our house ready to spook the neighborhood kids!

See you next time for more Learning in Pajamas!



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