The Black Death

Recently, I have been learning about the black plague, also known as black death. Today I will be telling you all about it!

The black death was, in my teacher’s words, an epidemic plague that attacked Europe in the 19th century! This plague was very contagious and horrific if you got it. Some of the symptoms of the plague were: fevers, chills, aching, and large boils on the skin.


If you got the plague you would want to see the doctor. Today we have some very smart doctors that tell us all about germs and how they spread! Well, back then doctors didn’t know about germs so they didn’t know how the plague spread. If they had known about germs I think that they could have possibly cured the plague or at least developed the theories for the future!

Many people didn’t know where or why they got this plague. Others thought that it was a judgement from God. To gain favor with god, they would publicly whip themselves. This might not have helped but it did give others hope that the plague would be over very soon!


Ring around the rosy. Pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.


As a kid we would all sing the classic nursery rhyme “Ring Around The Rosy”. As kindergartener to second grade, I was not taught the actual meaning of the song.  I  had not even thought about what the words meant until my brother had told me it was a “bad” song. Now In seventh grade finally I know what they mean!

Ring around the rosy: the plague would cause large boils on the skin and there would be a ring around it.

Pocketful of posies: many people would be dying but, there were too many bodies to bury so they would just burn the people so the stench of death was all around them. They would collect flowers and put them as close to their noses as possible so that they would not have to smell the stench of death.

Ashes Ashes we all fall down: well when you burn someone, also known as cremating them, you get ashes, and they burned a lot of people so they had a lot of ashes. We all fall down was all of the people who were dying. My Father had a very good thought he said there is another possible interpretation. “The ashes would float into the sky, but as we all know: what goes up, must come down. We all fall down as ashes. We are all going to die.”

As you can see the classic Ring Around The Rosy was not as innocent as we thought!

🎉🎆Happy New Year🎉🎆 from me, CaityCakes, to you! I hope you’ll join me for more homeschool adventures in 2017.


A Christmas Story: The Musical

For the past few months I have been going to rehearsals for a high school play that I auditioned for and got in, play musical called: A Christmas Story.


Yesterday was the opening day for it. At first, I was very nervous. I had to remember not to look at my family that was in the audience! If I did look at them I might forget to sing, or I might sing the wrong lyrics. Heck, I might not even remember to say my lines!

There were some places where I did mess up with props and the songs. Once, I forgot the words to a song, but I quickly remembered them!  I also had problems getting a chair of stage quickly for a scene change. Also, when we had to get the chairs back on the stage I got blocked from being able to get to my spot. The thing about acting is that if you mess up you have to keep going and play it off, like they say “the show must go on”!

This play involved many costume changes! Before the second act, I even had to put a costume under a costume! The play was set during the  winter in Indiana, so we had to wear jackets. When the stage light on us we got extremely hot due to the amount of clothing that was on us.

Also, my own brother got into this play as well! He got a very good part in this play he plays flick( the one who gets his tongue stuck to a pole).if you want to hear about his experience check it out here!


I really enjoyed this play because I love to act and sing. Put those together and it’s perfect for me. We have quite a few more shows throughout the rest of the week. Plus, two shows on Saturday! Doing it once is fun now we get to do it twice! I am very excited to get to do it twice in one day!6  I have had a great time doing this play! The rest of the cast is very friendly and talented so I want to go ahead and tell them break a leg for the rest of the shows.


Merry Christmas🎄 and a happy New year.

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New World : part 2

I wake up with a bad headache, it’s my third night here and I am already home sick. I look around from the patio outside of my room. Everywhere I look I see Borgish people with their family and I am longing to see and cuddle with mine! The day before I left I just found out that there was something wrong with my mother’s brain. I really truly yearn for my mom.

My headache is relieved as soon as I stop thinking about that. Instead I think about the first night here and how everyone stared at me when I didn’t bow down for the queen. I laugh a little because I also remember the second night, I woke up really late according to the queen… it was 6:23 A.M.!

That is all the remembering I can do for now I have to brainstorm things I can do to get my rocket fixed! I think of ways I can earn some money so I can just hire someone!

“I got it” I yell I am so happy I might just be going home soon!

“Ouitelisteri!”the queen yelled angrily. Ou.. that means you, ite.. Are, lis…not, the rest I of the words I can remember what they mean. What does she mean I am not going anywhere? I think back to yesterday…

“ You aren’t planning on leaving us right?” Bacy, the queen’s royal bounter, the person who asks questions for her asked!

“No. The only reason I would leave is if I  was homesick” I said. I was homesick and I was already thinking of ways to get out of this strange place. My plan was to call the Basa group to lake Bickerabi and have them fix my rocket! Then I remembered the Basa group is nothing like our NASA! This place is not very intelligent for that kind of stuff.

I remember what my mother said before she told me about her brain. “Kaylee, nothing can stop you. Remember things may be different out there but you need to trust that it will be okay!”

I will just have to go with the Basa group. Besides that’s what my mom would want.

The queen takes a seat in the hall and tells me she wants me to leave the room. As I leave I see the Basa station, I find my only friend Bally. “Yo!” she says in English. I feel lucky that she learned English for me. Nobody else did so she lightens up my day when it gets rough.

“Hey, you wanna go to the Basa center?” I say enthusiastically. When she said yes we went ahead and started heading over. As soon as we got there they immediately told me that they are not good at that kind of expertise. Of course, I already knew that so told them that that was ok.

When we get to the spot that I crash landed on we notice that it is already fixed. Baisy, Bally’s older sister, is standing there admiring her work.

“Did you do all of that?” Bally asked.

“Yeah do you like it?” Baisy asked

After a while of that we want to go ahead and test it out to see if it can take me back home where the grass is not called brass. We get the Basa guy named Bim to try it out for us. As we watch him test it we notice a letter hanging from the back of it. It looks like a signature from the queen!

Once Bim is back we get the letter out and once again the queen said “OuiteListeri”

I don’t think she actually knows I am leaving so I hop in and hope for the best.



Recently in my English class, I have been learning about different types  of genre. Today I was assigned to write an essay on types of genre and some of my favorite book’s genre.

The definition of genre, according to my English teacher, is: “a term for any category of literature or any other form of art or entertainment based on some set of stylistic criteria.” As most know ,there are quite a few genres in the world. When I think of genre I mostly think of fiction and nonfiction. Also, I used to think that fantasy and fiction were the same thing. I will be explaining why they are not.

Fiction- when the story is made up but it can usually happen. However, it is not focusing on just facts.

Fantasy, according to Wikipedia, is- is a fiction genre that uses magic or other supernatural elements as a main plot element, theme, or setting.

This year I got a book called : Fish in a Tree this book is about a girl who has trouble in school and gets in a pickle quite a few times. Later on in this book we find out she has dyslexia. She gets a new teacher and he helps her learn to read. This book was realistic fiction because situations like this have happened to someone. Plus, according to, 17% of school children have dyslexia . This proves that this book is realistic fiction.

Another book that I read was: who was Helen Keller. As you can probably tell from the title this is nonfiction. However, the type of nonfiction is biography. The way you can tell if the book is nonfiction is when you read it it’s stating facts. Although when you read the author’s name you can tell that you are reading about someone else and not the author.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the learning in pajamas blog to you all!