The Black Death

Recently, I have been learning about the black plague, also known as black death. Today I will be telling you all about it!

The black death was, in my teacher’s words, an epidemic plague that attacked Europe in the 19th century! This plague was very contagious and horrific if you got it. Some of the symptoms of the plague were: fevers, chills, aching, and large boils on the skin.


If you got the plague you would want to see the doctor. Today we have some very smart doctors that tell us all about germs and how they spread! Well, back then doctors didn’t know about germs so they didn’t know how the plague spread. If they had known about germs I think that they could have possibly cured the plague or at least developed the theories for the future!

Many people didn’t know where or why they got this plague. Others thought that it was a judgement from God. To gain favor with god, they would publicly whip themselves. This might not have helped but it did give others hope that the plague would be over very soon!


Ring around the rosy. Pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.


As a kid we would all sing the classic nursery rhyme “Ring Around The Rosy”. As kindergartener to second grade, I was not taught the actual meaning of the song.  I  had not even thought about what the words meant until my brother had told me it was a “bad” song. Now In seventh grade finally I know what they mean!

Ring around the rosy: the plague would cause large boils on the skin and there would be a ring around it.

Pocketful of posies: many people would be dying but, there were too many bodies to bury so they would just burn the people so the stench of death was all around them. They would collect flowers and put them as close to their noses as possible so that they would not have to smell the stench of death.

Ashes Ashes we all fall down: well when you burn someone, also known as cremating them, you get ashes, and they burned a lot of people so they had a lot of ashes. We all fall down was all of the people who were dying. My Father had a very good thought he said there is another possible interpretation. “The ashes would float into the sky, but as we all know: what goes up, must come down. We all fall down as ashes. We are all going to die.”

As you can see the classic Ring Around The Rosy was not as innocent as we thought!

🎉🎆Happy New Year🎉🎆 from me, CaityCakes, to you! I hope you’ll join me for more homeschool adventures in 2017.


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