My Favorite Food! (8th Grade English #4)

Today’s English assignment was to write about my favorite food.

Most people’s favorite foods are pizza and burgers. Well, my favorite foods are Mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes.

I make my mac n’ cheese by simply using the store-bought boxes. Mac n’ cheese is a mixture of noodles cheese butter and milk. At least that is what you use to cook it from the box. I think this is a great way to get your kids started on cooking do to the fact that it is very simple to make.

My second food is mashed potatoes. I love mashed potatoes with meat loaf. They are a very good food combination. The way my grandmother would always make the mashed potatoes is by peeling the potatoes then boiling them till they are soft, and finally mashing them! Funny story, I used to hate mashed potatoes, I’d always “play” with them because I thought they were gross. Then one day I ate them and it turned out, I really like them! Ever since then I have absolutely loved mashed potatoes and I hope that for my birthday I can get some!

In conclusion, my favorite foods are mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese. If it came down to having to choose only one favorite food, that food would most definitely be mashed potatoes!

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About Me (8th Grade English #3)

Today for English I learned about Mind Maps! Therefore, today’s assignment was to make a mind map about myself!

My name is Caitlyn! I feel I am very short, I’m actually 4’8. I have dirty blonde hair and I have brown eyes. Sometimes my eye color changes and I have green eyes! If I could change how I looked I’d want bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes! I would also want to be a little taller than I am now!

In my life, the main emotion that I have shown is happiness! It may sound cheesy or very cliché but, I love being happy! If you are always happy then you have a better outlook on life! If my life was a movie, not even I would want to see it again, yet! I haven’t even become a teenager, I have a lot of years in front of me! I hope that if they do make a movie about me I hope it’s because a I’m a big movie actress. My dream is to accomplish that!

After that paragraph, you can tell what one of my hobbies is, acting! I have two main hobbies, those are acting and singing. You would think that my other hobby would be dancing, but it isn’t. It is actually, gardening! I am learning to garden with my dad and brother. This is a family learning process! We got veggies from most of what we planted. However, most of everything has died. Except that we planted pineapple, and it’s doing great!

Another thing about me, I have a great connection with my family! I love my family very deeply. We like to share stories about something that happened when we were younger or just something funny that happened. One funny story of me was when I was a baby! It all started with me in my grandma’s arms, I was sucking my thumb. Grandma was yelling at my brothers and she was not happy! While she was yelling I decided that she would feel a lot better if she had my thumb. I took my thumb out of my mouth, looked at it, and stuck it in grandma’s mouth! Apparently, I was right,  because it made her laugh! That is definitely a funny story to tell at the dinner table.

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My Favorite Hobby (8th Grade English #2)

Today for English class I was assigned to write an essay about my favorite hobby!

My favorite hobby is, acting! I personally love to act. Acting is my passion, as well as singing. I started acting when I was super young! My parents and grandparents always gave my cousins, or sometimes brother, a camera! A lot of the time we’d make skits and small plays, and then film them. We would have so much fun performing them! Eventually all the adults would be in the same room and we would show them our work! Most of the time, I would be a little nervous or embarrassed by what we had done. Although, they seemed to really enjoy it, so, we would keep making them!

Other things I have done for this hobby of mine are actual plays! I have performed in very few with minor parts, however, it was still a very enjoyable experience. The plays I was in were called: A Christmas Story: The Musical and Shrek the Musical. Another thing for plays that I have done is audition for a play called: To Kill a Mockingbird. Also, I will be performing as the lead role for the first time ever! There is a first for everything!

I also go to a drama camp! I have gone to this camp since I was 8! Sadly, 2018 is my final year as a camper at this camp. However, I will become a Councilor in training!

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What I did This Summer! (8th Grade English #1)

It’s finally time to go back to school! Today was my first day of the eighth grade! In my English class, I was told to write an essay on what I did over the summer.

This summer, I was pretty lazy, But, Isn’t everybody lazy over summer! For most of summer I lounged around and watched television. For the time I wasn’t doing that I was, most likely, at my grandparents!

For the past years, my brother, Caleb, and I would go to our grandparent’s house in the country and stay there for a while. However, this summer was different, because this was our first summer as a homeschooler! That didn’t change much but, we did not get to stay there for as long as we used to. Although, while we were there we did get to do a lot of fun things, for example, we went to a drama camp! Caleb and I have done this camp for five years! This year was a little different because he was a C.I.T, that means Counselor in training.

Another thing that we did this year was have rehearsals for: To Kill a Mockingbird! We auditioned for this play near the end of last year. During the first rehearsal, we did a read through and we met everybody in the play! In the second rehearsal we blocked, that means to add movement, Forty-five pages!

As you can tell, we weren’t that busy but, we did have fun with whatever we were doing!

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A Good Study Space (8th Grade Critical Thinking #1)

Today, I learned about quality study spaces. I learned that some important parts of a good study space are good lighting, comfort, and positive surroundings. I made this video to show some ways you can create a good study space. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

A perfect study space for me would be, a nice clear desk very close to elbow level, Then my computer just below eye level, after that I would need the perfect lighting. The perfect lighting is a dim light, I would prefer it to be natural light. However natural light can be too bright which could cause my eyes to strain, that can ruin my eye sight. To add more to my perfect study space I would like to have a comfortable and wheeled chair so that I can be comfy and move around easily! Also, I would want to have plants in the room so that way I can feel happy. Studies actually show that when students were in a classroom they felt a lot happier with the plants in the room. The last thing I would need for my perfect study space would be music! The music that I chose are: Falling slowly(Glen Hansard and Marketa Iglova), Baby love (Supremes) , Lean on me (Bill Withers) , and finally Crazy (Pasty Cline). That would conclude my perfect study space!

Before completing this lesson I had no idea that having these small details would make an incredible study space! In my old study space I had already had a table at elbow level and , even though it was at eye level, a computer, I also had it accessorized! Now, after I completed this lesson I took action, I made sure that I would make myself have great posture, so that I could have my computer screen just below eye level! I also will now put a pillow on my seat so that it will no longer be hard and painful. This study space will help me get into my “learning zone” because it will then allow me to be comfy, that will allow me to give more concentration to my studying rather then my comfort! Lastly, the lighting will help me get into my learning zone because I can pull the curtain down and allow the inside to take over, also, I will no longer be straining my eyes because I have a glare on my screen!

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