A Good Study Space (8th Grade Critical Thinking #1)

Today, I learned about quality study spaces. I learned that some important parts of a good study space are good lighting, comfort, and positive surroundings. I made this video to show some ways you can create a good study space. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

A perfect study space for me would be, a nice clear desk very close to elbow level, Then my computer just below eye level, after that I would need the perfect lighting. The perfect lighting is a dim light, I would prefer it to be natural light. However natural light can be too bright which could cause my eyes to strain, that can ruin my eye sight. To add more to my perfect study space I would like to have a comfortable and wheeled chair so that I can be comfy and move around easily! Also, I would want to have plants in the room so that way I can feel happy. Studies actually show that when students were in a classroom they felt a lot happier with the plants in the room. The last thing I would need for my perfect study space would be music! The music that I chose are: Falling slowly(Glen Hansard and Marketa Iglova), Baby love (Supremes) , Lean on me (Bill Withers) , and finally Crazy (Pasty Cline). That would conclude my perfect study space!

Before completing this lesson I had no idea that having these small details would make an incredible study space! In my old study space I had already had a table at elbow level and , even though it was at eye level, a computer, I also had it accessorized! Now, after I completed this lesson I took action, I made sure that I would make myself have great posture, so that I could have my computer screen just below eye level! I also will now put a pillow on my seat so that it will no longer be hard and painful. This study space will help me get into my “learning zone” because it will then allow me to be comfy, that will allow me to give more concentration to my studying rather then my comfort! Lastly, the lighting will help me get into my learning zone because I can pull the curtain down and allow the inside to take over, also, I will no longer be straining my eyes because I have a glare on my screen!


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