About Me (8th Grade English #3)

Today for English I learned about Mind Maps! Therefore, today’s assignment was to make a mind map about myself!

My name is Caitlyn! I feel I am very short, I’m actually 4’8. I have dirty blonde hair and I have brown eyes. Sometimes my eye color changes and I have green eyes! If I could change how I looked I’d want bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes! I would also want to be a little taller than I am now!

In my life, the main emotion that I have shown is happiness! It may sound cheesy or very cliché but, I love being happy! If you are always happy then you have a better outlook on life! If my life was a movie, not even I would want to see it again, yet! I haven’t even become a teenager, I have a lot of years in front of me! I hope that if they do make a movie about me I hope it’s because a I’m a big movie actress. My dream is to accomplish that!

After that paragraph, you can tell what one of my hobbies is, acting! I have two main hobbies, those are acting and singing. You would think that my other hobby would be dancing, but it isn’t. It is actually, gardening! I am learning to garden with my dad and brother. This is a family learning process! We got veggies from most of what we planted. However, most of everything has died. Except that we planted pineapple, and it’s doing great!

Another thing about me, I have a great connection with my family! I love my family very deeply. We like to share stories about something that happened when we were younger or just something funny that happened. One funny story of me was when I was a baby! It all started with me in my grandma’s arms, I was sucking my thumb. Grandma was yelling at my brothers and she was not happy! While she was yelling I decided that she would feel a lot better if she had my thumb. I took my thumb out of my mouth, looked at it, and stuck it in grandma’s mouth! Apparently, I was right,  because it made her laugh! That is definitely a funny story to tell at the dinner table.

Come back to Learning in pajamas, for more from me!







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