To Go To College Or Not To Go To College

Most teenagers contemplate going to college after high school.  A lot of students wait a few years after school to go to college. Through it all college is a very important thing to think about. Some people disliked school so much that they don’t want to go through it again. However, if you do go to college you can not only get a better education, but also, a better chance of getting a higher paying job. Going to college can be very stressful for some people. They don’t really know if they want to go. Sometimes it’s more of a struggle where they don’t know if they can go to college.

In case you don’t know what, you want to do, you can either go get a job and figure it out. Or you can experiment in college. You can get a feel for all the possible jobs there are. Once you find that one thing that you want to do, go for it! In fact, you might not necessarily need to finish college.  Some people have gotten very far in life without finishing college! Some examples are:

  •   Mark Zuckerberg- Co-Founder of Facebook.
  •    Steve Jobs- Co-Founder of Apple.
  •   Dave Thomas- Founder and CEO of Wendy’s
  •   Racheal Ray- A cooking TV show star, author, and business woman
  •   Walt Disney- Creator of the Disney, animated films and the parks.

All these people have made it very far without finishing college! This proves that you don’t need to finish college to start an entrepreneurship.

For certain jobs, going to college is very important. With these jobs you must have specific skills to help you be successful. In college you would learn what the skills are and how to do them right. Some examples of these jobs are:

  •   Doctors
  •   Police officers
  •   Teachers
  •   Lawyers
  •   Accountant

If you don’t want to go to college but want a high paying job here are some examples of those:

  •   Small Business owner- All you need for this is a High School Diploma
  •   Makeup Artist- Postsecondary non-degree award
  •   Commercial pilot- High school diploma or equivalent

There are so many more as well! College is not something that you have to do. However, if you do want a better job that has a much higher pay, then you will need to go to college. College allows you to explore the possibilities of what you can do with your life.

Let’s say you want to start your own company, but you don’t know where start. You still don’t have to go to college because there are many classes online and outside of school that can teach you about entrepreneurship. This is awesome that you can start a business and take cheap classes that will teach you about this.

In this situation taking these specific classes is fine! However, you need a college degree for better jobs. Even if you get the same education, you must get a degree, this way it can be official.

Going to college is up to you. You decide what you want to with your life and how you want to accomplish that.

Thank you so much for reading my post about college! Come back to, Learning in Pajamas, for more from me!



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