Elephant Toothpaste

The video below shows when I made this awesome foam substance known as Elephant Toothpaste. But what exactly is it?

When hydrogen peroxide and yeast are mixed together, a foam is created. The foam is made of little bubbles of oxygen, which are stored inside the soap. The yeast  removes the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide and because it did it so fast, it created bubbles!

The  scientific term for this is called an Exothermic Reaction…but, isn’t it more FUN to call it Elephant Toothpaste!?!


It is called Elephant Toothpaste because it looks like a lot of toothpaste coming from a tube. Besides my brother, the only thing that could possibly use that much toothpaste an elephant!

Clean up is a snap because this stuff is made up of oxygen, soap and water! I wouldn’t recommend putting this on your teeth though. Even though it’s not poisonous, it probably doesn’t taste very good!

Thank you for reading my post! If you have any suggestions for science experiments or other things I can create, just leave a comment!



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