About Me (8th Grade English #3)

Today for English I learned about Mind Maps! Therefore, today’s assignment was to make a mind map about myself!

My name is Caitlyn! I feel I am very short, I’m actually 4’8. I have dirty blonde hair and I have brown eyes. Sometimes my eye color changes and I have green eyes! If I could change how I looked I’d want bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes! I would also want to be a little taller than I am now!

In my life, the main emotion that I have shown is happiness! It may sound cheesy or very cliché but, I love being happy! If you are always happy then you have a better outlook on life! If my life was a movie, not even I would want to see it again, yet! I haven’t even become a teenager, I have a lot of years in front of me! I hope that if they do make a movie about me I hope it’s because a I’m a big movie actress. My dream is to accomplish that!

After that paragraph, you can tell what one of my hobbies is, acting! I have two main hobbies, those are acting and singing. You would think that my other hobby would be dancing, but it isn’t. It is actually, gardening! I am learning to garden with my dad and brother. This is a family learning process! We got veggies from most of what we planted. However, most of everything has died. Except that we planted pineapple, and it’s doing great!

Another thing about me, I have a great connection with my family! I love my family very deeply. We like to share stories about something that happened when we were younger or just something funny that happened. One funny story of me was when I was a baby! It all started with me in my grandma’s arms, I was sucking my thumb. Grandma was yelling at my brothers and she was not happy! While she was yelling I decided that she would feel a lot better if she had my thumb. I took my thumb out of my mouth, looked at it, and stuck it in grandma’s mouth! Apparently, I was right,  because it made her laugh! That is definitely a funny story to tell at the dinner table.

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Who is my Hero?

When I think of who my hero is

The only name that comes in place

Is the name of the one who was there for me

Every step of the way the one who was with me

All through school and even when I was home

The name of thy hero who I am speaking of

Could be no other then thy brother I love

His name is Caleb so strong and loyal no other than him

Could be my hero!


He was my hero when I had no one

I had no friends; I was lonely

The one I knew was just my brother

Who knew he would be my life long friend

We went and landed a part in a play

I made few friends yet he was still my main one

I could never replace my brother for someone else

He shall be my bff best friend forever


He helps me through some tough times

Like when I was punched by some guy

My brother was the one

Who stood up for me

He was so brave he was so loyal

His name is exactly what he is

I doubt that he should flee from fight for his sister



With these reasons I can say that he is my hero

No doubt need more reasons

That I can do for he has been there for me

For numerous occasions!

When I had some drama he was there

Right in front of me he’s practically my guard

Another guy yelled in my face

For what reason no one can say

When Caleb was there he figured it out

He stood up for his sister and helped her out

The reason he did oh I suppose it’s

Nothing but our Brother sister bond!


Still need some more evidence don’t worry

I got some more

When I was younger I tried to prove

That I could do the monkey bars

I jumped on and one bar two bar three bar SLIP

I fell and landed on my arm!

It hurts so bad I can not say

That I could smile through the pain

The tears fell down my cheek

Still falling down we left to go call my father

I saw my brother and saw me

I told him what happened

not meaning to freak him out

He was worried for me

He loved me so much he cried for his sister


Is this enough evidence for me to prove

That my brother is my hero

And not just a good one but

The best one I could ever ask for

He helps me out and will never stop

He loves his little sister and you know what

I love him too he should know

why wouldn’t I love him

For he has given me all I could ask

A guard, personal protection, and a bond that shall never break!



Types of Raingear

They’re hundreds of different rain gear options. Today I will be telling you about a few of them!

The first option to choose is Waterproof/ breathable. This stops the water from getting through to your skin. If you want to do and lung and limb pumping activities then this is the right gear to use!

Next, you have the water-resistant. This is also breathable. It can handle light rain for a short amount of time. However, it can not handle precipitation lingers and rain that comes down sideways!

Third we have waterproof/ non breathable. An example of this is a rain slicker or even an emergency poncho. This keeps the rain out only when you are sitting or standing still. Although, if you exertion then you will sweat that will cause the inside of your jacket to be slick on the inside so then it will no longer be usable. The one really good thing about this is that it is very cheap! One other bad thing about it is that it doesn’t take that much wind to make a poncho largely ineffective.

The fourth thing is windproof. Any waterproof jacket is also windproof. You will find with windproof technology, usually some type of laminate, are considered water resistant!

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A New World: Part 3

A New World: Part 3

As I was floating through the air in my rocket my only thought was “I get to see my family”. Which is okay, but….. I could have been thinking about what I was gonna eat for dinner, what that note from the queen was meaning, or even if I was even gonna make it through this! The only thing that matters to me is helping my mom get better. Then out of nowhere there was a big bang! It came from the slumber chambers. I got up and started tiptoeing towards my room when I heard whispers from behind me close to the door! I took a look around but I couldn’t  see or find anything. I assume that I am just hearing things but it still seems strange. What seems like a few hours later I feel like I have stopped so I look out the window and there are hundreds of people sitting around including the news, NASA, and the FBI! I step out in the warm sun I feel the warmth rushing through my body. I walk out of my rocket and start strutting out as if I were on a catwalk. I suddenly get overwhelmed with questions. I rush through the crowd of people. I finally find my house in a crowd of what used to be familiar but now is almost unrecognizable.

I walk in and call for my mom. As I shut the door a man walks in from the dining room confused.

“How did you get in?” he asked me. “ I live here. The real question is how did you get in here!?” I replied.

For some reason I couldn’t even faintly remember who this guy was! “Hey! Do you know where my mom is? I need to see her!” I yelled

“Wait a minute! I recognize you you’re Kaylee Mariner!” He exclaimed “I bought this house after you’re mom went to the hospital!” “ the hospital.” I whispered “ we need to go!” I shouted at him

After he told me which hospital she was in I demanded him to drive me! After a while I was very nervous to see her but also exited! I was also feeling gloomy. What caused her to go to the hospital. Also the fact that my house was full of this guys stuff, yet there are no boxes, tells me that that he has been there for a while! Which also means she has been at the hospital for a long time.

When we arrived I jumped out of his black and blue Jeep! When we opened the doors to the hospital I was shocked. The room was completely empty, except for the nurse at the front desk. I ran up to the nurse and asked her about my mom. “ OHHH. your mom was, Lesley mariner, she died years ago!” I felt a tear about to drip off of  my blood red face so quickly wiped it away. “ do you know” I stuttered “how she died?”

“ she died from Hydrocephalus one of the worst brain diseases, you can go read about it in that pamphlet over there.” she pointed to pamphlets.

“ I don’t WANT to read about it I WANT my mom back!” I couldn’t take it any longer. “ I no family, I have no friends, I have no home, and worst of all I have no mom!” I started to pour out crying. Not knowing what to do.

Then, I woke up. It was all a dream I was so happy! “ where am I!?” I yelled.

Someone came up to me and told me I was in the hospital! Shocked I yelled for my mom! “Honey I am your mom don’t you recognize me?!”she told me confused yet still joyful because I am awake. “ Mom… how long was I here”

“ 5 years.” she replied. I gave her a hug and cried again. Mom walked out of the room and tons and nurses came in! They all asked me questions. Soon they told me I could get up. But I would be in a wheelchair for a while. They told me that they will push me to my mom’s car while she gets it so I let them put me in a wheelchair!

I get in the car and have a silent ride home. When we get home mom introduces me to netflix and shows me tons of shows. We start binge watching stranger things. As we get to episode 4 I fall asleep. I wake up in a few hours and have dinner. I guess this is my life now! I am just happy to be home with my mom!

A Christmas Carol

Recently I have been reading the book a Christmas Carol by  Charles Dickens. Today I will be telling you all about it.

The basic idea of the book is a man named Scrooge who has absolutely no Christmas spirit. During the night of Christmas Eve, he gets visited by three ghosts. The ghost of Christmas past, present, and future. With their help, he changes his point of view and starts to love Christmas. He also becomes a much nicer person.

The ghost of Christmas past shows Scrooge his past as a child which then reminds him how much he loved Christmas. However this one ghost can’t cure Scrooge’s hatefulness by itself. That is when Scrooge gets visited by the ghost of Christmas present. This ghost shows Scrooge how even the poorest of people can still be happy and hopeful even though they are poor and don’t have much. Last of all the ghosts is the ghost of Christmas future. All of the Christmas carol movies and books show that this is the scariest of all the ghosts due to the fact that it looks shuddersome and acts creepy not to mention that is shows when you die! All of these ghosts shows scrooge that he needs to have more Christmas spirit and needs to be more jolly!

In the end, Scrooge is worried that he missed Christmas because this was his first time visited by ghosts so he doesn’t know what to gets a young boy to get him a turkey and he enjoys his Christmas.

This story has been made and re-made many times. All of the movies have the same basic plot but are told in many different ways! For example there is the original Christmas Carol movie, Scrooged, and many others.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good year from the learning in pajamas blog.


Recently in my English class, I have been learning about different types  of genre. Today I was assigned to write an essay on types of genre and some of my favorite book’s genre.

The definition of genre, according to my English teacher, is: “a term for any category of literature or any other form of art or entertainment based on some set of stylistic criteria.” As most know ,there are quite a few genres in the world. When I think of genre I mostly think of fiction and nonfiction. Also, I used to think that fantasy and fiction were the same thing. I will be explaining why they are not.

Fiction- when the story is made up but it can usually happen. However, it is not focusing on just facts.

Fantasy, according to Wikipedia, is- is a fiction genre that uses magic or other supernatural elements as a main plot element, theme, or setting.

This year I got a book called : Fish in a Tree this book is about a girl who has trouble in school and gets in a pickle quite a few times. Later on in this book we find out she has dyslexia. She gets a new teacher and he helps her learn to read. This book was realistic fiction because situations like this have happened to someone. Plus, according to understood.org, 17% of school children have dyslexia . This proves that this book is realistic fiction.

Another book that I read was: who was Helen Keller. As you can probably tell from the title this is nonfiction. However, the type of nonfiction is biography. The way you can tell if the book is nonfiction is when you read it it’s stating facts. Although when you read the author’s name you can tell that you are reading about someone else and not the author.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the learning in pajamas blog to you all!

What I did for Halloween!

This Halloween, my grandma came from Colorado to visit my family!

One thing that we did while she was here was crochet work. I’ve been learning how to crochet, but my grandma is much better at it. She taught me a few tricks, and before you know it I made a little change purse! I meant for it to be a blanket, but I messed up! Although, as you can hear, it kind of worked out!

We also had dinner at a small steakhouse, which was great! We really enjoyed our time there because my grandma got to try a food that she had never heard of before…corn nuggets! My dad says that you may not know what that is either, so I’ll tell you: it is balls of deep fried cream-style corn dipped…in ranch dressing!

Next was the most fun even of all…dressing up for Halloween!!! I was dressed up as a hippie. The really cool part was grandma used to be an actual hippie when she was younger! So, she gave me a real hippie necklace and bracelet!

My grandma dressed up as a crazy cat lady and she pinned stuffed cats onto her robe! My dad and brother were bikers, but they looked more like gang members to me! My mom dressed up as the dragon queen in Game of Thrones!

In a flash, we were out trick or treating! We ran into some of our friends which was so cool since we just moved into this house! Eventually, we found a haunted house! Before we started I grabbed my dad’s hand so I would have him just in case there were clowns! There were a few people that would follow you through the house, and they did quite a good job at scaring me while doing it!

Thankfully there was only one fake clown in the house, but it was still creepy!

When we got home, we dumped our candy on the floor. Just like the year before, I sorted my candy into groups, and might I say this neighborhood LOVES Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, because I got like 12 of them! I got a lot of candy altogether! We even got a few trick-or-treaters when we got home! Now I am wondering why nobody told me how much fun it is to hand out candy to others!

To wrap it all up, I had a great Halloween with my family! I hope that my grandma is able to come again next year so she can help us get our house ready to spook the neighborhood kids!

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Today my dad and I learned how to SOLDER!!!

We used a soldering iron and solder to make an led light circuit! At first I had no idea on how to use it. Soon, I picked up the soldering iron and started to solder! It was difficult at first because we didn’t know how to get the solder onto the tiny circuit board. Eventually my dad looked it up and then we finally knew how to do it correctly. The way you solder on a circuit board is by putting your iron on the copper rings around the holes, let that sit for just a few seconds, and then put the solder on the iron, and move it up and down until it is melted! Once that is completed then you can now say you can solder! No matter what you do, DO NOT touch the iron, it is extremely HOT!!!!


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Ten Good and Bad Tings About My Life

I read this book called: Ten Good and Bad Things About my Life (So Far) .

I loved reading this book because it was about this girl who was in the fifth grade and on the first day of school she was assigned to write an essay, and include an outline, of her summer vacation. During most of the book it seems like she is talking to you and explaining her summer. You can, however, tell that she is writing this down because of the font changes. In the end, it shows a copy of her outline, and to me she said a lot for the small amount that was on her paper.

I can feel where she is coming from, in most of what she is saying.

I got this book from the public library near me.

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crystal radio project

I have an assignment to write about a crystal radio that I made.

What I liked about this project was testing it out because you never really know if you’re going to hear something. Even though I didn’t hear anything I still enjoyed it because I felt like it was an adventure!

However, as with almost every experience, there is always something you do NOT like! For me, that was when I had to make my tuning coil. The reason why I didn’t like that part was because that was not engaging. I had to stand there and turn and turn and turn 25 coils and then 90 coils, so, I really thought that it was boring!

My radio did not work so we had to troubleshoot. My dad and I did a few things to help, like switching to different areas for ground, putting on a longer antenna to try to get better signal, and we even bought a crystal radio kit. Sadly, nothing we did helped, but we are still working on it and also we plan to to go to a radio station and see if we can get better signal and hopefully we can get some sound!

This project stimulates my desire to learn and do more things with electronics because I am not giving up on making it work so that keeps me wanting to learn more about electronics! Adding on to that fact, we even got a soldering iron and circuit boards so my dad and I can learn how to create a working circuit board!

Get ready for more on learning in pajamas!!

This is the video that we followed to make our first crystal radio: