My Favorite Hobby (8th Grade English #2)

Today for English class I was assigned to write an essay about my favorite hobby!

My favorite hobby is, acting! I personally love to act. Acting is my passion, as well as singing. I started acting when I was super young! My parents and grandparents always gave my cousins, or sometimes brother, a camera! A lot of the time we’d make skits and small plays, and then film them. We would have so much fun performing them! Eventually all the adults would be in the same room and we would show them our work! Most of the time, I would be a little nervous or embarrassed by what we had done. Although, they seemed to really enjoy it, so, we would keep making them!

Other things I have done for this hobby of mine are actual plays! I have performed in very few with minor parts, however, it was still a very enjoyable experience. The plays I was in were called: A Christmas Story: The Musical and Shrek the Musical. Another thing for plays that I have done is audition for a play called: To Kill a Mockingbird. Also, I will be performing as the lead role for the first time ever! There is a first for everything!

I also go to a drama camp! I have gone to this camp since I was 8! Sadly, 2018 is my final year as a camper at this camp. However, I will become a Councilor in training!

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My Favorite Moment in Life!

My brother and myself

We had our acting faces on

we walk through the double doors

Only to find the seating

I took my seat and waited my turn

This was an audition

Nothing other could it have been

the play was called To Kill a Mocking Bird


My name was called

I walked on up I did my best

What else could I give

I felt so happy I’d say I did

It was true and still I felt like that

They told kids they can go

I was told stay as were some others

We stood up on the stage once more and read the script once again


I can’t say how well or how bad I did but what I can say

Is that I tried best

And there is no denying that

I get my result soon

Before I turn into a pile of rune


That is a very good moment

For I  am pleased

But if make it I will have more to say

If  I don’t that’s okay

A little practice won’t be any trouble


A Christmas Story: The Musical

For the past few months I have been going to rehearsals for a high school play that I auditioned for and got in, play musical called: A Christmas Story.


Yesterday was the opening day for it. At first, I was very nervous. I had to remember not to look at my family that was in the audience! If I did look at them I might forget to sing, or I might sing the wrong lyrics. Heck, I might not even remember to say my lines!

There were some places where I did mess up with props and the songs. Once, I forgot the words to a song, but I quickly remembered them!  I also had problems getting a chair of stage quickly for a scene change. Also, when we had to get the chairs back on the stage I got blocked from being able to get to my spot. The thing about acting is that if you mess up you have to keep going and play it off, like they say “the show must go on”!

This play involved many costume changes! Before the second act, I even had to put a costume under a costume! The play was set during the  winter in Indiana, so we had to wear jackets. When the stage light on us we got extremely hot due to the amount of clothing that was on us.

Also, my own brother got into this play as well! He got a very good part in this play he plays flick( the one who gets his tongue stuck to a pole).if you want to hear about his experience check it out here!


I really enjoyed this play because I love to act and sing. Put those together and it’s perfect for me. We have quite a few more shows throughout the rest of the week. Plus, two shows on Saturday! Doing it once is fun now we get to do it twice! I am very excited to get to do it twice in one day!6  I have had a great time doing this play! The rest of the cast is very friendly and talented so I want to go ahead and tell them break a leg for the rest of the shows.


Merry Christmas🎄 and a happy New year.

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