Who is my Hero?

When I think of who my hero is

The only name that comes in place

Is the name of the one who was there for me

Every step of the way the one who was with me

All through school and even when I was home

The name of thy hero who I am speaking of

Could be no other then thy brother I love

His name is Caleb so strong and loyal no other than him

Could be my hero!


He was my hero when I had no one

I had no friends; I was lonely

The one I knew was just my brother

Who knew he would be my life long friend

We went and landed a part in a play

I made few friends yet he was still my main one

I could never replace my brother for someone else

He shall be my bff best friend forever


He helps me through some tough times

Like when I was punched by some guy

My brother was the one

Who stood up for me

He was so brave he was so loyal

His name is exactly what he is

I doubt that he should flee from fight for his sister



With these reasons I can say that he is my hero

No doubt need more reasons

That I can do for he has been there for me

For numerous occasions!

When I had some drama he was there

Right in front of me he’s practically my guard

Another guy yelled in my face

For what reason no one can say

When Caleb was there he figured it out

He stood up for his sister and helped her out

The reason he did oh I suppose it’s

Nothing but our Brother sister bond!


Still need some more evidence don’t worry

I got some more

When I was younger I tried to prove

That I could do the monkey bars

I jumped on and one bar two bar three bar SLIP

I fell and landed on my arm!

It hurts so bad I can not say

That I could smile through the pain

The tears fell down my cheek

Still falling down we left to go call my father

I saw my brother and saw me

I told him what happened

not meaning to freak him out

He was worried for me

He loved me so much he cried for his sister


Is this enough evidence for me to prove

That my brother is my hero

And not just a good one but

The best one I could ever ask for

He helps me out and will never stop

He loves his little sister and you know what

I love him too he should know

why wouldn’t I love him

For he has given me all I could ask

A guard, personal protection, and a bond that shall never break!




A Christmas Story: The Musical

For the past few months I have been going to rehearsals for a high school play that I auditioned for and got in, play musical called: A Christmas Story.


Yesterday was the opening day for it. At first, I was very nervous. I had to remember not to look at my family that was in the audience! If I did look at them I might forget to sing, or I might sing the wrong lyrics. Heck, I might not even remember to say my lines!

There were some places where I did mess up with props and the songs. Once, I forgot the words to a song, but I quickly remembered them!  I also had problems getting a chair of stage quickly for a scene change. Also, when we had to get the chairs back on the stage I got blocked from being able to get to my spot. The thing about acting is that if you mess up you have to keep going and play it off, like they say “the show must go on”!

This play involved many costume changes! Before the second act, I even had to put a costume under a costume! The play was set during the  winter in Indiana, so we had to wear jackets. When the stage light on us we got extremely hot due to the amount of clothing that was on us.

Also, my own brother got into this play as well! He got a very good part in this play he plays flick( the one who gets his tongue stuck to a pole).if you want to hear about his experience check it out here!


I really enjoyed this play because I love to act and sing. Put those together and it’s perfect for me. We have quite a few more shows throughout the rest of the week. Plus, two shows on Saturday! Doing it once is fun now we get to do it twice! I am very excited to get to do it twice in one day!6  I have had a great time doing this play! The rest of the cast is very friendly and talented so I want to go ahead and tell them break a leg for the rest of the shows.


Merry Christmas🎄 and a happy New year.

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