My Favorite Moment in Life!

My brother and myself

We had our acting faces on

we walk through the double doors

Only to find the seating

I took my seat and waited my turn

This was an audition

Nothing other could it have been

the play was called To Kill a Mocking Bird


My name was called

I walked on up I did my best

What else could I give

I felt so happy I’d say I did

It was true and still I felt like that

They told kids they can go

I was told stay as were some others

We stood up on the stage once more and read the script once again


I can’t say how well or how bad I did but what I can say

Is that I tried best

And there is no denying that

I get my result soon

Before I turn into a pile of rune


That is a very good moment

For I  am pleased

But if make it I will have more to say

If  I don’t that’s okay

A little practice won’t be any trouble